Things You Need To Know About The Army’s 82nd Airborne Division

The Army’s 82nd Airborne Division is an elite division which can be deployed in as little as 18 hours . The soldiers of the Army’s 82nd can conduct forcible entry parachut assaults and other important military operations. The 82nd Airborne is based out of Fort Bragg in North Carolina. They are easily identifiable by their maroon berets, “AA” arm patches, and their uniforms. This unit has been involved with virtually every U.S. military conflict ever since World War I.

These are the facts you need to know about the division

The Heart Of The Nation's Immediate Response Force Is The 82nd Airborne

The IRF, a joint Army/Air Force force that can be deployed in less than 18 hours notice, is a rapid response force. The heart of this force is the 82nd Airborne Division Brigade Combat Team. It has been activated for numerous rapid deployments in the past years. Recently, the IRF was tapped to help with evacuations in Afghanistan. As these soldiers left for their mission, the USO was there to offer comforts and hygiene kits to them.

The History Of The “AA” Arm Patch

All 82nd Airborne soldiers wear the “AA” arm patches. This is the “All American” nickname that was given to the division in 1917, when it was formed at Camp Gordon, Georgia. Many units used nicknames to increase camaraderie and morale during World War I. The newly formed 82nd held a contest to find nickname ideas for the division in partnership with the Atlanta Georgian newspaper. VivienneGoodwyn submitted the winning nickname, “All American.”

Powerful Re-Enactments to Remember World War II Bravery

Each year, Fort Bragg hosts combat engineers from the 882nd. This is a reenactment of the World War II Waal River Pontoon Boat Crossing. It was a daring combat maneuver that greatly assisted the Allies liberate Nijmegen. 48 U.S. military personnel from the 82nd were killed in the 1944 crossing. They are remembered today by 48 street lamps, which are positioned along the Waal River bridge.

Taking Their Airborne Name To Heart

The 82nd Airborne is proud of its name. Fort Bragg soldiers conduct approximately 10,000 training jumps each month.

Fort Bragg, Home Of The 82nd Airborne

Fort Bragg is the base of the 82nd Airborne. It houses 57,000 military personnel and 11,000 civilian employees. This makes it one of the most populated U.S. military bases.

The 82nd Airborne Has Celebrity Veterans

Craig Morgan, country music star was also a USO tour veteran and served in the 82nd Airborne Division in his 17-year Army/Army Reserve career.

82nd Airborne On The Silver Screen

The 82nd Airborne Division was featured in many movies over the years, including “The Longest Day,” a 1962 classic. This film, which features a star-studded cast that includes John Wayne, Henry Fonda, and Sean Connery won two Academy Awards.

There In The Wake Of The Storm

After receiving orders, the 82nd Airborne Division arrived just seven hours later in New Orleans. The 82nd assisted in the evacuations and search-and rescue operations, as well as keeping order within New Orleans during the aftermath of the devastating storm.

Soldiers Breaking Records Through Valor

Army Sergeant. Army Sgt. Brown was also the 2008 USO Soldier of the year. She was still in her teens at the time she was awarded the Silver Star for her heroic actions in Afghanistan in 2007.